Why are Tripods so Expensive

Why are Tripods so Expensive?

Tripods are expensive! Why are they so expensive? Should they be expensive? This is a topic that every photographer has had to think about when they start. So why are…

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How To Shoot Portrait On A Tripod

How To Shoot Portrait on A Tripod?

Tripod is a necessity for any kind of photography, Tripods are helpful in making your shots stable and minimizing the chances of blur images. For Portrait Photography tripods are not…

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best tripod brands

Best Tripod Brands of 2022

Choosing the best tripod brands for your needs can be tough. There are many different types of tripods, made from different materials and with all sorts of features that you…

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Why are Gitzo tripods so expensive

Why are Gitzo Tripods so Expensive?

Gitzo is a renowned and respected camera tripod manufacturer and has been for many years. Gitzo has been featured in numerous TV commercials, movies, advertisements, and more to provide the…

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How Tall Should A Tripod Be

How Tall Should A Tripod Be?

When looking for a tripod, I find that many people have no idea about the height of their ideal tripod. So today, I will share my experience with tripods and…

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3 section vs 4 section tripod

3 Section vs 4 Section Tripod

A tripod is an essential accessory for any photographer. Some shooters use tripods as much as 75% of their working time, and many view it as the difference between taking…

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