Top 5 Best Tripod For Canon Rebel T6 & T6i in 2022

Looking for the best tripod for your Canon Rebel T6 and T6i? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Tripods are a photographer’s best friend. They provide an unshakable base for your camera and allow you to take stunning photos from creative angles that would otherwise be impossible. But, You know, not all tripods are made equally. So it’s very important to find one that’s perfect for your style of photography.

Choosing the best tripod for Canon Rebel T6 and T6i is a difficult decision. There are many different factors to consider, such as weight capacity, the height of tripod legs, and more. In this article, we will help you make an informed decision on which best fits your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

5 Best Tripod For Canon Rebel T6 & T6i:

1. K&F Concept S210 78 inch Camera Tripod:


Compatible Devices:DSLR
Brand:K&F Concept
Tripod Head Type:Ball Heads
Maximum Height:78 Inches
Minimum Height:23.6 Inches
Weight Limit:22 Pounds
Item Weight:3.17 Pounds
Number of leg sections:4
Quick Release Plate:Yes
Bubble Level:Yes
Quick Flip Leg Lock:Yes
Center Column Lock:Yes

K&F Concept S210 78 inch Camera Tripod is very durable and sturdy, which can carry 22 Pounds. With a maximum height of 78 inches, it can be extended to a full 5 feet tall. There is also a removable center column for low-angle shots.

It has a ball head with a quick-release plate for fast transitioning between landscape and portrait mode. And it is made of aluminum alloy which can last for lifetime use.

K&F is easy to carry around, suitable for traveling or working, you can put it in your luggage or backpack easily without taking up too much space.

Due to its lightweight (about 3.2 pounds), this tripod is very portable and agile, making it perfect for outdoor photography enthusiasts like amateur photographers, travelers, and also beginners who are looking for great camera equipment but on a limited budget.

The customers have given the K&F Concept S210 78 inch Camera Tripod 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on average based on over 500 customer reviews at Amazon.

Most of the customers like it as an inexpensive travel tripod and has many great features such as leg locks, removable center column, and rubber feet. It comes with a carrying bag that is quite easy to store and carry along.

2. UBeesize 67” Camera Tripod with Travel Bag:


Compatible Devices:DSLR &Mirrorless,
iPhone, Android
Maximum Height:150 Centimeters
Weight Limit:11 Pounds
Item Weight:2.8 Pounds
Minimum Height:20.1 inches
Number of leg sections:5
Bubble Level:Yes
Quick Release Plate:Yes

If you don’t want to spend too much, what about this UBeesize 67-inch tripod. It comes with a bag for easy storage and carrying around.

UBeesize is really well made to ensure your cameras are safe during high impact. The head allows 360-degree rotation which gives you unlimited angles when capturing your photo or video.

You can carry it to any place without much weight due to its lightweight (about 2 pounds) and foldable legs, making it perfect for traveling tripods, giving you more shooting opportunities without sacrificing too much space in your bag.

The customers have given UBeesize 67 inch Camera Tripod 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on average based on over 3500 customer reviews at Amazon. Most of the customers like its lightweight and sturdy design, easy to set up, and good for travel tripods.

Plus, it is also compatible with smartphones and has a wireless remote control for photographers who are looking for a tripod to take selfies or work with their smartphones.

3. MACTREM Professional Camera Tripod with Phone Mount:


Compatible Devices:DSLR
Tripod Head Type:Ball Heads
Item Weight:1.3 Pounds
Weight Limit:33 Pounds
Minimum Height:17.5 inches
Maximum Height:62 inches
Leg Lock Type:Flip Lock
Number of leg sections:4
Quick Release Plate:Yes

MACTREM is a professional tripod that is equipped with a ball head that has angles of 360 degrees. It is capable to hold cameras up to 33 lbs, which allows you to use it for your camera equipment including DSLR cameras, electronic cameras, night vision scopes, and spotting scopes.

It folds down ultra-compact for storage or travel by taking off the center column so you can easily put it in a backpack. The ball head also comes with a built-in bubble level so you can adjust your tripod while keeping it stable and balanced.

The legs of the tripod have clips to ensure they don’t collapse or slide, and rubber feet for non-slip stability on smooth surfaces. There is also a quick-release plate attached to the ball head allowing more flexibility when shooting.

Buyers have given MACTREM 4.5 out of 5 stars on average based on over 1700 customer reviews at Amazon. Customers said that it is very easy to set up and carry around thanks to its lightweight (about 1.3 pounds) and foldable design. They also like that there are no tools required during assembly and it’s sturdy enough to use for DSLR cameras. It is a reliable and stable tripod that provides great stability and can support heavy cameras.

4. Amazon Basics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag:


Compatible Devices:GoPro, DSLR
Brand:Amazon Basics
Maximum Height:158 Centimeters
Minimum Height:60.5 Centimeters
Weight Limit:6.6 Pounds
Item Weight:2.72 Pounds
Quick Release Plate:Yes
Number of leg sections:3
Bubble Level:Yes

If you are looking for an inexpensive but reliable tripod, why not consider this AmazonBasics tripod. It’s a small, light tripod that comes with a carrying case, allowing for easy transport.

It has a maximum load capacity of 6.6 pounds which means you can use it to support cameras, DSLRs, and spotting scopes (but not intended for professional photographic equipment).

The legs of the tripod are made from aluminum alloy and have rubber feet for non-slip stability. You can extend the legs to a maximum height of about 60 inches to take scenic shots or photos from above ground level.

It also comes with a  3-way head that features two bubble levels so you can keep the tripod balanced while adjusting the camera position angle.

AmazonBasics Tripod was given 4.6 out of 5 stars by customers based on over 60000 reviews at Amazon, making it one of the most popular tripods on Amazon with a budget price.  

Most customers like its lightweight and compact design allowing for easy transport. They also like how it holds position and is sturdy enough to support cameras with minimal shaking due to its rubber feet.

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5. Xit Elite Series 60″ Tripod for Canon EOS T6 and T6i:


Compatible Devices:DSLR
Item Weight:4 Pounds
Number of leg sections:3
Maximum Height:60 inches
Minimum Height:22.5 inches
Bubble level indicator:Yes
Quick-release knob:Yes
Number of leg sections:3
Tripod Head Type: 3-way Panhead

If you are looking for a very cheap tripod to support your Canon camera, then you should consider this  Xit Elite tripod. It’s a very affordable tripod that has a maximum load capacity of 6.6 pounds for supporting DSLR cameras and spotting scopes.

This lightweight aluminum alloy tripod comes with a bag so you can easily carry it around while traveling or hiking. It extends up to 60 inches so you can use it at an angle or shoot from ground level without having to bend over too much.

It also has self-leveling rubber feet for non-slip stability on any surface including metal surfaces or carpets. There is also a built-in spirit level bubble on the ball head which allows you to set up the tripod balanced before shooting photos or videos.

If you are looking for a low-cost tripod, then this is worth checking out. It has 4.0 stars at Amazon with 15 reviews from customers.

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