How Tall Should A Tripod Be?

When looking for a tripod, I find that many people have no idea about the height of their ideal tripod. So today, I will share my experience with tripods and what you should consider before buying.

Tripod Height Tip #1:

Firstly, let’s start from the top! When you set up your tripod at its highest setting, it should come up to your eye/vision level. This is not always possible because most tripods are usually meant for general photography use, either standing or sitting down.

So when using a tripod in this manner, you have to bend over slightly, which isn’t great for your back. For Macro work, however, this tip becomes useful. When shooting Macro, the tripod is generally used with a flash, requiring you to be close to your subject. So if you use your tripod at its highest level and keep it low, you will have more working room. This way, you can avoid bending over all the time, which makes the whole process much easier on your back.

Tripod Height Tip #2:

When checking out tripods, remember that even some of the smaller ones (especially those with leg extension) come up quite tall when fully extended, so just consider how tall it would be when fully set up next to you. It would suck having a small tripod that isn’t small at all! Also, think about what lens size/type you use most of the time. If you regularly use a longer lens, then you need to consider how high the tripod goes when adjusted to the proper height for that lens (i.e. 500mm = 2metres).

Some people may say this is too much effort and isn’t necessary, but I can tell you from my own experience if you are not thinking about these things, it will affect your photography in the long run! Remember, taller tripods come with their problems like more weight and bulkier size, which won’t be very well suited for traveling or portraiture work where you need to carry them around all day. Finally, an important thing to remember is that short, sturdy tripods have tight angles that are great for still objects, while taller tripods have wider angles for landscapes.

So what is the ideal tripod height? It all depends on your needs, but generally speaking, if you are shooting with a shorter lens, you should get a tripod that extends to slightly above shoulder height. If you don’t want to shell out more money for a taller one, then there are many great options available in between, which can be used depending on your situation! Also, keep in mind that even though photos are 2D, they are taken from 3 different axes. The third is distance or depth; think about this when choosing the right tripod height.

Also, note that if you use mirrorless camera bodies like Sony A7 series cameras where you can attach small lenses without using a tripod collar, you should get a tripod that comes up around your eye/vision level when full setup.

If you want to learn more about tripods, check out my Tripod Heads and Tripod Collars article.

Anyways hope you found this useful! Have a great day. I’ll see you in my next post.

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