How to Mount GoPro to Tripod? 2022 Step By Step

If you’re looking to mount your GoPro camera on a tripod, then this guide is for you.

There are many benefits of mounting your camera on a tripod such as increased stability and being able to capture smooth footage.

How To Attach GoPro To Tripod:

Mounting your GoPro Camera to Tripod can be done in just three easy steps! Follow these simple instructions for how to mount GoPro to tripod step bay step.

1) Step One:

First, connect the head of the tripod with one of the two screw holes found at the bottom backside of the GoPro case.

2) Step Two:

Next, line up both screw holes with those at the top side or backside of the head.

3) Step Three:

Finally, tighten down screws that have been loosened by using an Allen wrench.


Keep in mind that you will need some sort of protection for your GoPro lens while it’s not attached to the GoPro case, as it could get scratched or damaged easily if left unprotected.


This is how to mount GoPro to the tripod.

For any more questions about how to mount your GoPro camera onto a tripod, please feel free to comment down below.

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